Meet Shelley our 23 Window Samba  Delux VW Bus

Hire Shelley our Iconic VW bus which will never go out of fashion & You will be the coolest grandparents ever in 50 years time !


Shelley,  our VW kombi started life in 1972  in Brazil. Her first family put her to work in the Rio De Janiero barrios around Ipanema and Cococabana beaches. After five years she was sent to  Ubud, Bali, Indonesia again being used as a taxi service for the next twenty years or so.

I found Shelly in 2012 and set about restoring her to her original glory.  Shelley has  had a Subaru 2 liter engine and Subaru five speed gearbox installed making her as reliable as any modern car. We also installed modern  comfortable passenger seats with integrated three point seat belts, sound proofing, heat insulation , two modern fan  heaters and a nice stereo sound system .

Shelley now a “23 window Samba ” drives, handles and stops like a modern vehicle  but has retained all the charming  character of the that iconic VW  bus so loved around the world including her Safari front window which opens and looks great on camera.

While there may be a number of other VW camper vans in Ireland, none have the same charm, comfort and reliability as Shelley and she is the only split screen model we know of.

Shelly has a beautiful cream leather interior and can carry 8 passengers comfortably but we recommend a maximum of 6 for weddings to allow room for the brides beautiful dress.

I love the smiles and waves we get from both the young and the not so young as we drive around our beautiful country. With Shelley’s modern reliability / performance and charm I decided to embark on the process of getting a limo licence for her (SPSV). She is the perfect vehicle for someone who wants to arrive safely, in comfort and most importantly in style for your special occasion.


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